Activities of the Tohoku Cotton Project

Target of the plantation and its circumstances

  • Arahama Agricultural Field, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture (1.2 hector)

    Eastern area of Sendai Floral cotton union
    Producer : 
    Eastern area of Sendai Floral cotton union
    Aim : 
    Create jobs through new industries or cotton-producing area
    Growing Area : 
    1.2 hector
  • Natori City Agricultural Field (0.4 hector)

    Koya Agri-Service
    Producer : 
    Koya Agri-Service
    Aim : 
    Reactivation of farmland by salt removal
    Growing Area : 
    0.4 hector

Reason for planting cotton

Arahama and Natori area that used to be rice production areas are now not able to cultivate rice anymore as the entire infrastructure needed for rice production such as drains, gutters, and drainage pumps etc. were totally damaged by Great East Japan Earthquake in addition to the fact that salt contamination in the farm land is increased after the Tsunami. Commonly used countermeasure for brine damage is to inject pure water to the farmland to rotate soil so as to melt contaminated salt in the water to drain out of it with support provided by the Government. Nevertheless, this countermeasure is not working in Arahama and Natori area as most of the drain infrastructure are damaged. Under these circumstances, aiming towards disaster reconstruction and agricultural reactivation, we can plant salt-tolerant “cotton,” restart agriculture, and further prevent farm retirement as well as to provide employment for the farmers who lost their work. Some of the devastated farmers have shifted to cotton plantation. Cotton production and distribution has already been started by many apparel related companies who agreed on this reconstruction support project.


Tohoku Cotton Project is to provide “Tohoku Cotton Project” brand products that are planted, produced, and distributed by a TEAM of Tsunami devastated farmers and apparel companies. You can be a part of the project TEAM by purchasing products so as to cooperate supporting devastated farmers in Tohoku.

Detail of activities
1. Support shifting to “cotton” plantation ~Revitalize the Tsunami affected farmland~
2. Bring new employment and community reconstruction ~Create employment via a stable agricultural industry~
3. Create apparel business ~Develop coherent businesses of agriculture, spinning, production, distribution~

1. Support shifting to "cotton" plantations =Revitalize the Tsunami affected farmland-

Revitalize the Tsunami devastated farmland, which is unable to grow rice, with naturally strong "cotton"

Commercially made cotton plantations within Japan are not conducted and plantation skills and infrastructures are not developed enough. Thus Project TEAM are doing following activities;
to provide seeds
to instruction for cotton plantations
to human resource support for seeding, weeding, and cultivation
to expand and renew agricultural chemical registration for herbicide and pesticide capable for cotton
to support for ginning process (separating cotton and seeds when cultivated)

2.3. Making cotton is making future

Create new projects ~development of coherent apparel projects which cover agriculture, spinning, product planning~

Most important thing is for the devastated farmers to make an income out of cotton. In other word, depend on farming
to purchase all the cultivated cotton
to purchase cultivated cotton with the price higher than market price(2011)
to make a request to the Government for making it agricultural industry
to consider alternative incomes out of other parts of cotton (such as paper, oil)
Furthermore, it is important to continuously offer YOU an attractive Tohoku Cotton Project product. In order for that the project TEAM is doing following activities;
to plan, produce and distribute Tohoku Cotton products
to create awareness by making promotions about the Tohoku Cotton project
to construct coherent system from raw material, spinning, production, and distribution out of “Tohoku Cotton Project” brand

Translation Volunteer : Jules Takagishi,

Aim of the Tohoku Cotton Project

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